What  do you want to Control ?

Home Automation

What is  Home Control ?

            With more and more smart electronics are playing a central role in our daily lives by intelligently communicating with each others, home automation idea appeared.

When you decide to make your home Smart this means:

      -   Saving building cost.        (Back box, Conduits, Wiring, Labor cost, Items cost)

      -   Saving energy        (Air condition, Water heater,  Motors and pumps, Lighting, etc.)

      -   Control by event, time or sensors.

      -   Enhance safety and security.

      -   One touch to reach the perfect ambiance.

      -   Various choices to control everything anytime from anywhere.

      -   Comfort and life style improvement.

      -   Added resale value.

      -   Saving money.

      -   Longer life for appliances and fixture.

ControlloTech gives you flexible solutions to design the home automation system of your dreams on a very reasonable budget.

Life is better when everything works in harmony.

     This is your home with a brain... genius idea, indeed.