From Where  you want to Control ?

Control anywhere


   When you install a ControlloTech system you will be able to effectively access your home anytime, anywhere and control anything.

For example:

      -    Access your home through Internet to make sure that you have closed the doors.

      -    Outside temperature is higher than expected, you are stuck in a traffic jam, just sign in to your system from Web and turn on A/C so the house is cool when you get home.

      -    You are planning to spend the weekend at the beach house, you can easily access your beach house to know the temperature, turn on A/C and have a look inside through surveillance cameras.

      -    A leakage of water happened in your home and you are far away.  Home will alert you via a text message or through an e-mail message, and the water sensor can stop the flow before it becomes a flood.

      -    Your son returned early and there is no one home. As usual he forgot his key and you are in a meeting with an important client. All you need is to access your home using your mobile phone and open the door. No one in the meeting ever has to know.